Ciondolo Circuito di Shanghai

Ciondolo Circuito di Shanghai

Pendant Shanghai circuit

Consegna in: 48h
Ordina per telefono: +39 06 45470103
The Shanghai circuit is a combination of spectacularity and technology like the pendant that offers a form with an innovative and authentic design. The circuit is composed of particularly fast straights and very tight curves, which force pilots in spectacular folds. Designed and built by the German Hermann Tilke, the track wants to remember the Chinese character shàng, which means above or go up, and is the basis of the name Shangai. The pendant proposed for the Shanghai circuit was made of steel to be durable over time and to always have this precious jewel around the neck that combines technology and design and at the same time innovation and elegance. The dimensions of this product, 50 mm have been specially designed for anyone who wants to be noticed by wearing a unique jewel full of passion for the world of engines. The pendant will be sent in an elegant package containing: - the jewel; - 2 cords (waxed cotton in black and red) to wear your passion and stand out from all; - the warranty booklet containing information on the jewel and on all the circuits. An elegant gift envelope is free with shipping.
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Prezzo 39,00 €
Confezione Ufficiale della Casa
Genere Unisex
Materiali Acciaio
Colore Argento
Consegna 48h
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